Frequently asked questions


-How do I book?

Follow the book now button , add the number of players, date and time and book yourself in. Easy eh!


-Can we call you?

We don’t do phones, they are sooooooooo 2015! If you want to book in use the booking system, if you have any questions contact us using the contact form and we will get back to you soon as we can.


-Can we pay a deposit and pay the rest on the day?

Our experience is relatively low priced so we ask for payment in full when you book in, it just keeps things simple.


-Can you hold a slot for me please?

No sorry, it just gets confusing (we are easily confused). If you would like a slot you need to book yourself in.


-Can I cancel or change my booking?

If your booking is more than 1 week away we can move the date of your experience, drop us an email.

Bookings are non refundable after the booking has been made.

We recommend you double check you can definitely make the session before booking


-What if I turn up late?

We recommend giving yourself plenty of time to get to the site on time

If you are late we can usually give you a brief whilst other players are throwing

If you turn up over 30 minutes late we reserve the right to cancel your booking.


-Is it hard?

Our axellent instructors are on site to keep you right

We try and get people sticking as many axes as possible

A good throw and hand eye coordination is a plus…….obviously!



-How long is a session?

The sessions last 1.5 hours

You need to be on site 5 minutes before your start time.


-What does the session include?

The session starts with a safety brief

We then teach your group the art of axe throwing

Once everyone’s up to speed we get you in a tournament

The tournament finishes with a knockout stage

We announce the winner…..everyone claps….or boo’s them.

We finish with some trick shots

Photo’s all round to show off your new found axe throwing skills.



-How do we get to Hatchet Harrys?

We are based right in the centre of Newcastle behind the Life Centre.

Park at one of the city centre car parks and wonder down

We are an axe throw away from the train station

Taxi’s can drop your right outside


-Can we just turn up?

We would rather you booked so we can guarantee we can fit you in.

If you want to come last minute feel free to turn up but we offer no guarantees we can fit you in.



-Why can’t I book online for today?

We have a 6 hour cut off on our online booking system so we can arrange staff.

If you are desperate to come that day you can turn up on the day but we couldn’t guarantee we have slots available.


-Do you sell food and drink?

We have hot and cold drinks available on site

We also sell chocolate, crisps and some other snacks.


-Can we drink alcohol on site?

We don’t serve alcohol on site

Anyone we think is under the influence of drink or drugs will not be allowed to throw and no refund will be given.


-Do I have to listen to the instructors?

Our instructors do know what they are doing! It’s best to listen to them, they are there to keep you safe whilst you throw.

Anyone repeatedly ignoring instruction and putting themselves or others at risk of injury will be sin binned and won’t be able to throw any more.


-What are the age limits?

Hatchet Harrys is an over 18 venue, We may be running family/under 18 slots in the future.

We don’t have an upper age limit, as long as your shoulder still works you should be able to throw!


-What should I wear on my feet?

Nothing open toed please guys, we assume you quite like your toes? If you do lets keep them protected.

No flip flops, open toed heels or Jesus sandals.

Trainers, boots, heels with a covered toe all work for us

Flatter is better when it comes to mastering your craft


-What should I wear?

Clothes please! As open minded as we are we prefer our customers covered up!

No mankini’s, they are so 2017! Any fancy dress that others may find offensive we may ask you to remove it.

You should be wearing something that doesn’t restrict your arm movements….we don’t want you having any excuses do we!



-Can I play if I’m pregnant?

We don’t recommend it, throwing axes can be quite strenuous and we would hate something to happen!

If you really feel like you have to please consult a doctor and you throw at your own risk.


-Can this activity accommodate my disability?

Axe throwing is suitable for everyone, please be aware lack of mobility in arms/shoulders may be an issue.

Drop us a message if you are unsure and would like some advice.

We do have a set of stairs to our venue so please keep this in mind.


-I have an injury, can I still take part?

If you have shoulder injury’s we recommend talking to your doctor/physio before taking part

If you have a hand injury and can’t grip the axe maybe try the other hand?


-Can I bring my own axe?

Who do you think you are? Jason Momoa? Just use our’s………….it keeps things fair.


-Can we have a lane to ourselves?

Yes, just book your own lane. You need either 12 people or pay for 12 to have your own lane.

Each lane has a maximum of 12 people on it, if you have more than this you need 2 lanes.



-Can we have a private function?

Yes of course, you would just have to buy all the tickets available for that session (36)

If you want one outside of our opening hours just drop us a message and we will see what we can do.


-What do I do if I haven’t received my confirmation?

Have you checked your spam folder? Our emails sometimes get flagged as spam.

Drop us an email if you still can’t find it and we will get back to the bottom of it.



Once a booking has been made it is non refundable, we can change the date with more than 1 weeks notice.


11 + 11 =


Tuesday - Friday....16.30-21.30 (Last Booking 20.15)

Saturday.................10.00-19.15 (Last Booking 17.45)





Hatchet Harrys


Arch 18,

Forth Banks Yard,