It’s 4:30 pm on a Friday afternoon and you’re looking at the clock thinking, has that hand even moved in the last hour?

You’re impatient, excited, nervous even.

Slowly the big hand reaches the 12 and you feel that Friday feeling rise from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.
“Ahhhh” you let out an audible sigh of relief.
“Another week over” You think.
Even better that tonight is the staff night out.

Your boss had been promising a staff night out for months and FINALLY he’d took his wallet out and sorted it.

“I wonder what he’s got in store for us this time then” you say to your workmates, who are all as excited as you to find out whats in-store.
“I hope its not bowling again”
“Yeah, or a pool tournament”.
“Do you remember last quarters staff night out, it was a meal at the local Wetherspoons, i had two drinks and went home”.

The speculation continues until you hear a sound coming from your boss’s office door.
His door handle makes it’s usual crack as he presses down on it. Alerting you all to his impending presence.
He enters the room and silence engulfs the noise.

You sit with lips pursed together in anticipation, waiting, wondering what it could possibly be this time.

Your hear your colleagues muttering under their breath.
“Please be good, Please be good”

“Okay guys, i know that the last one was a let down, i messed it up massively and half of you done a toilet dodge out of the Whetherspoons so i have really tried to make up for it this time” your boss says.

“So this quarters staff night out is going to be”…..
He pauses for dramatisation.
“Hatchet Harrys Urban axe throwing, we’re going to be throwing axes and competing against each other to see who is the number one axe chucker in the company”.

The room erupts.
People are banging on the tables, one lady faints with excitement.

You think “finally a staff night out worth it’s salt”.

Your boss has literally came through with what we like to call the big guns and you know that from this night on, no staff night out will ever be the same again.

Okay… okay, maybe i am being a little dramatic, but we really do think axe throwing is that fantastic.

Here are 4 reasons your next staff night out should be Axe throwing!

Reason 1: It’s Something Different
Here at Hatchet Harry’s we really do like to think that we are leading the way in the New, fun & exciting activities market right now.
Indoor Urban Axe throwing is Brand New to the UK and we truly believe we are the best at providing an experience that exceeds anything you might have tried before, as far as a team building, corporate staff night out goes.

Reason 2: You can throw axes at your Boss…
Seriously we will put your boss in-front of our targets and let you throw axes at him…
Okay, Okay…
Of course we are joking, however if you book out a lane or the venue as a staff night out and bring along pictures of your boss, we will let you throw axes at them until your hearts content 😉

Reason 3: It can help you and your teams mental health, stress levels and actively encourages your workers to get active…

We all know that looking after our staff’s mental health should be one of our main priorities if we want to have a healthy, happy workforce.

Axe throwing supports this pursuit massively due to the fact that it truly is a great source of stress relief.
The feeling of throwing an axe and sinking it into the boards feel’s fantastic. It’s almost as if hitting the target lightens the load on your shoulders with every shot.
Combine that with the fact that its a robust and explosive activity that just about anyone can do, means your helping your workforce’s mental and physical health whilst bolstering their opinion of you as a cool boss type, because you took them axe throwing and their friends boss, did the same old boring drinks package with the local Revolutions Bar in town again!

Reason 4: It helps your workers become more creative:
We are pretty sure that axe throwing will be new to the majority of your workforce.
As you may or may not know, when learning a new skill, it opens up new neural pathways in the brain. This basically means that your staff are building new skills and creating brain cells as they go.
Now who doesn’t want a healthier, more active more intelligent and creative workforce?
We know we do. Thats why we allow all of our staff time to throw before they start their shifts.

Bonus reason: It brings people closer together and strengthens your workforce environment:
One of the main reasons any manager or boss should be creating opportunities for their staff to enjoy new activities and events is for this very reason.
Building lasting friendships and bonds between staff members truly does strengthen the workforce environment and create a relaxing workplace for your staff to enjoy their work.

So you see, 5 Reasons your next staff night out should be with us here at Hatchet Harry’s throwing axes in a new and exciting environment!