On the surface, axe throwing can sound barbaric, prehistoric and frankly quite dangerous.
In a controlled environment, with an axe throwing instructor over your shoulder leading the way and all of the safety measured met and exceeded. It’s actually a fun, exciting and new sport craze that has swept Canada and the USA and is making its first steps onto the UK shores with Hatchet Harry’s and a select number of other providers leading the way.

The sport itself isn’t new in the slightest, in-fact we could hazard a guess that cavemen probably gathered around their local watering hole and threw axes for fun as well as food.
But the concept of throwing axes in an urban environment, with an instructor and as a social event is pretty new too Blighty.
And here at Hatchet Harry’s we like to think we’re leading the way as far as shining a light on this fledgling but very much growing sport.

Much of the credit for bringing the sport of Urban axe throwing to the North east of England lies here on our doorstep in the form of our loveable directors Jack Beadle and Mr Hatchet Harry himself (It was his nickname during a particularly exhausting axe throwing session) Richard Bridge.

Both of whom fell in love with the sport of axe throwing a few years ago and decided they wanted to make space in their already hectic schedules to introduce this fantastic past time to the North of England and really showcase it to the masses as best they could.

How Axe Throwing As A Sport Works

When you attend an axe throwing venue, you’re going to notice wooden targets and lanes (we call them cages) with usually some form of chain link metal fencing designed to keep axes from sliding cage to cage.

You will notice a rustic feel and as you can imagine, a colourful inviting environment.
Here at Hatchet Harry’s we like to stay with a more family orientated commercial feel with a rustic twist.
You will be welcomed by one of the instructors who will take you through a health & safety briefing then a short lesson in how to throw the axe itself.

From there you will have 3-4 practice rounds throwing the axe at one of the wooden targets of 3 varying sized concentric circles.
You then move onto 4 fun and exciting tournament styled rounds of 3 throws, where-in you score points based on where your axe sticks in the board.
After the tournament a winner is crowned and you then move onto some alternative throws, or trick-shots as they are known.

The session is fun, exciting and sometimes loud when you sink that axe in the target and let out a primal scream. It’s involuntary i’m afraid, we believe it’s the link to our ancient ancestors breaking out. Imagine that you have finally felled the sabre toothed tiger thats been plaguing your village type thing haha.

How Can I Give Axe Throwing A Go?

You can get started by visiting our website
and clicking the book now feature to book your first session at our Newcastle Venue. We have instructor led sessions, a regular club night and there is even a league coming soon.
If you have any questions regarding booking with us, you can visit our FAQ’s page or give us an email or message us on our facebook account Hatchet Harry’s.

We truly believe that Axe Throwing is Fun and more importantly SAFE for all the family.