We know, we know!

It could be a bit of a touchy subject. Should i allow my child to throw sharp pieces of hardened steel at a target and basically get better at the art of war? (Okay, a slight over-exaggeration but this is how a paren’s mind can work sometimes haha)

No matter how you put it however our answer will always be a resounding yes, what are you waiting for?

We do have reasons for this answer of course.

1: It’s a completely safe and health conscious environment. Let’s face it, no one wants to take their kids somewhere, that their utmost safety hasn’t been thought about and pre-planned in order to ensure they are safe and sound at all times.

So here at Hatchet Harry’s we have taken all the safety precautions we can possibly take to ensure your little cherub stays just that and comes to no harm what-so-ever.

From health & safety checks, to specific child friendly tomahawks, we can guarantee that all aspects of your child’s safety has been covered.

2: Your child gets to learn how to act in a responsible manner whilst having fun. All too often we parents can be quick to shield our kids from from the dangers of life, hoping to ensure they stay as far away from fear and danger as possible, in order to keep them from harm and keep ourselves from having a heart attack.

However this isn’t always the best policy.

Due to the fact that if we never allow them to experience situations or environments that are, shall we say, taxing in some way. We can be robbing our kids of a very valuable lesson in life, that will help to shape them into more responsible and trustworthy people as they grow and develop.

That is why here at Harry’s we actively encourage parent’s to bring their kids along and teach them to throw in a safe and controlled environment.

Thus teaching them that they are going to be faced with situations of (slight) danger and or even potential harm, but that if they act with control and responsibility, they can handle these situations and have a lot of fun whilst doing so.

3: It’s a Fun way to stay active: As we all know child obesity is on the rise across the globe due to the impact of fast food, computers and the generally easier/less active lifestyle that kids have these days.

We can all agree that regular exercise is something that can combat this, but let’s be honest. Not all kids enjoy running, jumping or football / team sports. I know i didn’t when i was younger.

Axe throwing could just be, the perfect way to keep your kids having fun whilst staying active. It could even play a part in helping them beat the obesity crisis that seems to have our children in it’s grip.

4: It’s a fantastic way for parent’s and their kids to bond: After all is said and done this might be the most important reason of all. Quality time with our kid’s is something that is becoming more and more hard to come by.

Higher work loads, more emphasis on school work and academia, hectic lifestyles and simply having less and less time for ourselves and our families mean that the time we do get to spend with our kid’s should very well be spent doing something exciting and engaging.

It just so happens that axe throwing is very much both of these and more.

Thrilling, exciting, engaging and fantastic are just some of the ways axe throwing has been described and we are certain that the time you spend with your kids sinking axes, will bring a hell of a lot of laughs and smiles.

You see, Axe throwing really can be a safe and exciting hobby for all of the family to enjoy.

That’s why here are Hatchet Harry’s we have created the perfect time for kids and parents to come together and throw in our family sessions.

These sessions are ran at:
16:30 Pm: Tue – Fri
10:00 Am: Saturdays.

They really are the perfect opportunity to have fun, laugh, smile and grow closer together as a family, all whilst experiencing a new and exciting activity together.

To book up, simply visit our website at:

www.hatchetharrys.co.uk and click book now.

We guarantee your going to love it!