What Would Your Perfect Axe Throwing Night Out In Newcastle Be?


So yeah, theres a question for you!

What would your perfect Axe throwing night out in Newcastle be?

What would it consist of?
Would it be a date night, 
How would it start? 
How would it end? 
Would it be a week-night or a week day?

I know what you’re thinking?

Well what would yours be?

Let us tell you. Ours would be a guys / team night out. A Saturday, and It would be an early start as we would want to enjoy a few beers and some food afterwards. So we may book the 4pm session.

It would start with a warm up pint somewhere they served real ale’s and beers preferably a micro brewery, (somewhere such as the errant brewery which just so happens to be next door to our Newcastle Venue).

We would of course only have the one as we know Harry’s doesn’t allow intoxicated throwers to participate haha.

After the pint we would complete the Axe throwing session and of course we would have fun (we guarantee it lol).

Then we would make our way around to somewhere that served fantastic steak, because after we have thrown axes we feel manly, we feel primal and what better way to keep that feeling going than by eating meat, drinking ale and having a good old laugh with our chums.

The ale would flow and the meat would be consumed and once we were all satisfied, fat and happy it would be on too a few bars around town too enjoy more drunken but harmless tomfoolery.

So there you have it.

It’s a simple but we think awesome night out and it includes all the great points a night out should have;

Fun & laughter 
and of course Axe throwing 😂😉

So here’s that question again.

What Would Your Perfect Axe Throwing Night Out In Newcastle Be?

Let us know in the comments below and the best one Wins a Hatchet Harry’s T-shirt.