At the end of each week I like to sit back & reminisce on the work my team and I have achieved, think about the people we have introduced to the sport and give myself and my team a pat on the back because of the amount of smiles we have managed too put on our customers faces.

I think about the defining moments of the week such as;

✔️ A bride to be asking for our help in choosing her bridesmaids and maid of honour. 
✔️ A leaving party for a man who’s team were gutted to see him leave after 30 years in the job. 
✔️ A customer who loved the experience so much he brought us beers to celebrate. 
✔️ A free t-shirt given and accepted in the most humble and gracious way 
✔️ A group of stags who brought their best friend along to experience the feeling of freedom throwing an exe can bring “before his own freedom was taken away 😂😂” (their words not mine lol). 
✔️ A group who loved their experience so much earlier in the week that they went home and booked straight up again for later in the week. 
✔️ A couple who decided that Hatchet Harry’s would be the ideal way to celebrate their wedding anniversary in style.

You see to some we might just be a centre that helps people learn and understand the sport of axe throwing.

But to us here at Hatchet Harry’s it’s so much more than that.

It’s a chance for us to share a special
Moment in a lot of our customers lives.

A chance for us to make a defining moment in someone’s life even more special 
A chance for us to help people see how the sport of axe throwing can bring joy to anyone no matter the event or situation.

These are the REAL reasons we do what we do. 
Because at the end of the day if we can enhance our customers lives in even just a small way, bring some laughter and connection into their day and enlighten them with a new, fun and exiting activity that can literally bring more enjoyment for them in life.

Then I honestly believe we’re on the right path and we’re doing this for so much more than the love of the sport.

That’s it for this week folks. To all who have thrown with us thank you, and to all that are thinking about it, do it, I personally promise you won’t regret it! 😁👍

General Manager