You tried Darts… YAWN!

You tried Bowling… BORING!

You even tried extreme Frisbe… WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!

Now however its time to try the last hobby you will ever need to introduce yourself too.

The sport of axe throwing.

Yes axe throwing is a sport.

Its exciting, its adrenaline fueled, its fun and its most importantly of all, SAFE!

Here’s 5 reasons that Axe throwing is the best hobby that you didn’t realize you loved yet.

1: IT’s primal….

We all love the feeling of providing for our loved ones, friends and anyone else in need.

It takes us back to times when we had to go out and fend for ourselves, living off the land and being the hunter-gatherers we were destined to be.

So here you have the chance to get an axe in your hand, throw it at a target and recreate those days when our ancestors were chasing down sabre toothed tigers in the jungle, to feed their family is one not many can resist.

When you sink that first axe into that target, be ready to feel a shot of adrenaline the modern day man or woman isn’t used to feeling and a smile that lasts all day.

2: It’s stress reducing….

We live in very stressful times right now.

The stress and strain of everyday life can and does take it’s toll on our physical and mental health.

One of the great things about Axe throwing is that it helps you get out of your own head and learn a new skill that’s exciting and engaging.

This helps to take our minds away from the every day stress and strain of life and lower that blood pressure.

Then when you start sinking axes into those targets your body is going to be releasing endorphins that not only help us feel good, but reduce the cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in our body.

Who knew throwing axes could be truly good for you haha.

3: It’s a fun way to stay fit and active.

Everybody these days are looking for ways to stay active and lead a healthier more active lifestyle.

What could possibly be a better way to be active, than trying a new and engaging activity that keeps you on the edge of your seat with every single throw.  

Each session lasts approx. 90 minutes and your going to be on your feet throwing, cheering, laughing and having a whale of a time.

So if an active lifestyle is something that’s important to you, then axe throwing is certainly something that can be a massive part of it, keeping you fit healthy and throwing into old age.

4: A fantastic way to bond with loved ones.

When it comes to interaction with loved ones, axe throwing really can bring people closer together than ever.

The feeling of sinking your first axe together is as close a feeling to those first words of a child, or the feeling of the first time riding a bike. (Honest it really is that good). It truly is a special moment and one that you will want to capture and experience together.

The fact that you can bring as many family members together under one roof, throw, shout, laugh and enjoy each others company cements axe throwing as a sport that really can bring family and friends together.

5: It’s not the usual sport or past time.

Like we previously mentioned.

The Darts, the bowling, the extreme Frisbee, it’s all been done, dusted off and done again.

If its something new that your craving, something that has the ability to keep you on the edge of your seat and yearning for more once your done then Hatchet Harrys is the name and throwing axes is our game.

Why not try something FUN, EXCITING & DIFFERENT on your next family outing, work social or friendly get-together?

Axe throwing is the epitome of all of the above and more and we know that when you do eventually try it, you’re going to absolutely love it.